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Erez Sultan

Class of 2016

Today – serving as a soldier in Combat Engineering

“Getting into this elite unit and the actual ability to complete the training with a smile and with faith is all thanks to the mechina.”

Yossi Mekonenet 

Class of 2014

Today – serving as an officer in the Nahal Brigade

“Today, when I face my soldiers and have military or educational deliberations, I think – What would my educators in the mechina say? It is clear to me that without the mechina, I would not have developed and reached where I am today.”

Meir Lederman

Class of 2014

Today – serving as an officer in the Paratrooper Brigade


“It’s called a pre-military preparatory academy, but maybe it’s actually a preparatory program for life.  The mechina gave me so much personally and mentally; providing me with tools to succeed in life.  Without the mechina, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

Today – serving as a commander in the Kfir Brigade

“I learned to believe in myself, to overcome challenges, to continue forward and not give up.  If you fall – get up, try again, don’t give up.  Believe in yourself completely.”



Noa Bengi

Mother of Sharon, Class of 2016

“The mechina taught my son a valuable lesson - If you have a goal, aim for it and you will succeed.  The sky is the limit.”

Avi Bengi,

Father of Sharon, Class of 2016

“The mechina gave my son a push for life; learning about the business world, and about what he is yet to encounter.”

Amitai Liberty

Class of 2016

Today – serving as a commander in the Golani Reconnaissance Unit

“The mechina makes the best teachers and lecturers available to us.  We only need to want to learn and succeed.  If you want to establish a business, or want to succeed in the army, do your best.  Ultimately, the person’s own willpower is the deciding factor.”

Sima Sasson

Mother of Or, Class of 2016

“When Or told us he wants to go to a pre-army preparatory program, we were taken aback.  We had raised him to finish high-school and go straight into the army.  He insisted on going and we were finally persuaded.  Today we are proud to say our son went to Mechinat Yedidya.  We sent a child and got back a young man with values and goals who became stronger religiously through love.  Or is a role model to his brothers and we hope, with God’s will, that our other children will go to Yedidya as well."

Ofira Jemili 

Mother of Oneg, Class of 2016


“It’s hard to believe how the mechina had such a great impact on my son in such a short time.”

Nurit Sultan

Mother of Erez, Class of 2016

“The mechina gave my son a sense of self-confidence and the ability to be creative.”

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