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Most Israeli men serve in the Israel Defense Force for three years.  It can be a difficult, stimulating, and demanding time.  Re-adjustment to civilian life is rife with its own set of challenges.  We have set up a unique program to help those who have just completed their army service to reconnect with their values, their faith, their essence; to be able to focus on their future, determine goals, and acquire the tools to attain them.  The Post-Army program helps released soldiers negotiate the transition between their military service and civilian life.  Its primary goal is to decrease the gaps in Israeli society within the personal, social, and national spheres and help these soldiers, who have just given years of their lives to their country.

  • Provide tools in the areas of employment, higher education, fiscal planning

  • Transition from “survival mode” to a life of significance and self-realization

  • Strengthen the connections between a citizen to his nation and country, while examining issues pertaining to Israeli society, Zionism, and Judaism

  • Provide academic scholarships


The program is composed of enriching training and workshops in various areas, including:

  • Economics and employment: Building an employment vision, getting to know the market and the world of business initiatives

  • Education: Learning a trade, with the advice of a personal coach assisting the released soldier in finding the right direction for him

  • In-depth learning: Examining pertinent issues such as Jewish and Zionist identity, preparation for civilian life, marriage, and family

  • Personal development: With the guidance of a life-coach, community service in various frameworks


Duration of the program – Approximately 9 months, on the mechina campus in Gush Etzion

Post-Army Program

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