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The Mechina is situated in the original Masu’ot Yitzchak, surrounded by the breathtaking vistas of Gush Etzion, just south of Jerusalem.

Who We Are


Our student population is unique and varied.  It is composed of students from diverse backgrounds.  Many are youth who did not reach their potential in high school and have low expectations of themselves for the future.  Many come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and from families who even actively discourage their sons from a pre-army program.


There are many pre-army programs in Israel.  We are one of the only ones to actively seek out this demographic of youth with low self-esteem and low expectations.  Our students’ success in the army and later in life after being released is our reward.


Our warm and loving staff believes in every person’s ability to succeed.  We believe in the innate gifts of each and every person and in the power of confidence and faith. By empowering our youth with these tools, we know they can face any challenge or hardship along the way.


Our mechina is not an institution.  It is a family; one infused with solidarity, joy, and love for mankind.

Community Service

A significant part of our educational program is participation in some sort of contributory community service in frameworks such as after-school programs for children at risk, assistance with the elderly, help in agriculture, or other social initiatives.

We know from research and experience that giving means getting.  One of the most essential components in building character is giving of oneself to someone less fortunate or someone in need.  This not only increases awareness of one’s surroundings, but empowers the individual and increases connectedness with those around him.

Leadership and Excellence

Our Leadership and Excellence project is implemented in conjunction with the Azrieli Academic College of Engineering in Jerusalem. The program consists of a professional course in finance that teaches practical tools for future integration into the business world, and a skills course that develops creativity, efficiency, and cognitive-behavioral tools for dealing with challenges.  Students learn to build a complete business model which they present before the college directorate, their parents, and the mechina staff during a special end-of-year event.

Preparation for Service in the IDF

As part of the preparation for the IDF, our students take part in training, navigation, battle-history lessons, survival training, and Krav Maga.


Our mechina has been “adopted” by an elite unit of the Border Patrol.  Our students participate in a variety of the unit’s activities, including discussions with soldiers in the field.

The IDF preparation component of our program is a proven success, evidenced by our students who get into elite units, many of whom go on to excel as commanders and officers.

Jewish studies are learned in a beit midrash in a relaxed ambience.  The staff is attentive to each student and tries to create an emotional-spiritual connection to the Torah we learn.  The curriculum focuses on philosophy of faith, Bible study, Jewish ethics, and Talmud.

Life in the Mechina

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